About Us

Perseverance and determination yield the sweetest fruit… That is what we father son duo have experienced. Alhamdulilah we are thankful to Almighty for everything.

As we look over the years, we had to start from a scratch so we had to invent a universe. We were unaccustomed to this field… a maiden project it was.

People who use lavender swear by it. We took a small step to make our valleyites familiar with lavender and other essential oils.

My father Rashid Ahmad Kawos had 8 acres of land at Budgam. He took a bold step to grow lavender. Not many people were acquainted with the uses of lavender so my father had to be patient to  reap the benefits. It took him almost three years. Till then I was back to my valley. I had a very good job in Delhi but in my heart of hearts I wanted to start something of my own. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. So the platform was ready for me to step on. I came back to make my and my fathers dream come true. Alhamdulilah we succeeded. Today we not only deal with essential oils but we are privileged to market the best of natural handmade soaps and dry fruits. Due to the non availability of some raw materials we have set up a sister concern outside our state.

We are blessed to have the support of our esteemed customers and will always be looking forward to that in future as well… because with your encouragement we shall flourish inshallah.

Repose faith in us because your faith is our achievement.

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