This traditional Kashmiri drink is present in an absolutely easy to make form to refresh your taste buds. This Kashmiri readymade Kehwa mix has the perfect blend of the ingredients to offer you the original sweet-smelled drink that will infuse new life into you. You can make 60 Cups of Shahi Kehwa from the contents of our bottle of Kehwa mix. Kehwa tea is one such beverage which is an amazing combination of delicious taste, aroma and a bundle of health benefit. As Kashmiri Kehwa is a spice flavored green tea, the presence of saffron, green cardamom and cinnamon in addition to the tea leaves add to its health benefits. Kehwa tea helps to cleanse the digestive system and improves metabolism. It gives warmth, it battles minor vents, and cures trunk clog. It is incredible for cerebral pains and for heart if taken in great sum.

Key Features
  • Antioxidants
  • Helps in Digestion and Metabolism.
  • Anti-ageing
  • Warmth


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